Adult Nursing Relationship1 Anal4 Anal Sex3 Anal Toys1 Anal training1 Anatomy1 and Sexuality1 Ass Play4 Auscultation7 BDSM4 Biting2 Blindfolds1 Bondage7 Breast/Nipple Torture3 Breath Play1 Bulb1 CFNF1 Chains1 CMNF2 Cock and Ball Torture1 Corsets1 Couples2 Diapers20 Dildos1 Discipline10 Doctor8 Doctor Female6 Doctor Male7 Doctor/Nurse Play (MedFet)335 Dom1 Domination6 Domme1 E-Stim3 Enemas111 Exam mandatory3 Examination9 Examination room7 Examiner Female4 Examiner Male6 Fantacy1 Female Sexuality1 Fisting1 Foot/Feet1 Girl1 Governess1 Group exam1 Gynaecological Examinatios5 Hair Pulling1 Handcuffed1 Handcuffs1 High Heels1 Humiliation1 Humor1 Injection5 Kinky8 Lactation1 Latex3 Leather1 Lesbians2 Masochism7 Master/Slave1 Masturbation1 Medical need5 Men1 My Play Clinic2 Needle4 Needles and Injections10 Nurse4 Nurse Female5 Nurse Male2 Nursing2 Oral Sex1 Pain4 Patient Female9 Patient Male5 Patient School-aged3 Psychology1 Rectal temperature15 Role-playing3 Rubber1 Sadism8 Sex is Fun4 Sex Toys3 Slave Male1 Spanking2 Strap-ons1 Student Female1 Submission5 Suppositories3 Surgery1 Talking Dirty1 Thermometer4 Urethral play1 Vaseline2 Vibrators1 Watersports1